Michelle is a Shaman, Wise Woman and Weaver of  Barefoot Magick. 

Sharing her gifts and wisdom as she travels fulltime  in their bus home, honouring the calling of her Soul and Weaving pathways of Magick across this beautiful country.

With a unique blend of her healing gifts and connection to Spirit,  she Weaves her Barefoot Magick to bring you into alignment and balance with your own Divine Truth, Power and Magick.

​​My Vision.


To Weave Wisdom and healing to birth your sacred Truth, Power and Magick.
To be a clear channel for divine love, guidance and healing and to offer that to my clients with integrity and honesty.
To acknowledge, honour and respect everyone's unique journey and to help to facilitate their own healing.
To allow my own spirit to shine so that others will be inspired to let theirs.


I work with empowering people to live their own unique life with passion, purpose, Truth, Power and Magick. We are spiritual beings, pure expansive, creative, loving energy here in a magnificent physical body. Everything is connected and we are all one with each other and with the earth that we live on. We are all divine and perfect in our imperfection. We are continually expanding, learning and growing on this journey of life. I am a being of love and you are a being of love.


I invite you to come into a deeper relationship with your own Truth, Power and Magick and with all of life that flows through and around you. 


I weave and de-weave ancient and new pathways of Magick through all of life.

Weaving your soul's Truth deep within your body for you to come into a deeper relationship with your magnificence and Power and allow your own unique Magick to flow freely through you and your life.  

So let's create Magick! 

And so it is!

© 2015 by Michelle Eves  all rights reserved

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