Please be aware when considering a healing with me that you are prepared to go to the deep and shadow sides of yourself as well as all the amazing and expansive aspects of yourself, the light and the dark.  Healing is never a linear journey. Your healing journey is unique to you and will always be in alignment and directed by your higher guidance.  When booking a healing with me please understand that you are making a commitment to your own healing journey. You are a being of sovereign power and I honour you as such. I request payment up front as I find myself holding space and preparing for your healing session as soon as you make the booking. I find this honours the exchange of energy and flow for me and for your healing session.

From January 2019, in-person sessions are no longer available through the website as I will be travelling full-time. However, feel free to check out @MagickAndMarathons on Instagram for our location and make contact if we are in/near your area, although please be aware that any in-person sessions are subject to energetic alignment and the availability of suitable facilities. Please also note that it is a condition of booking an in-person session that you are "fragrance-free" - meaning you're required to avoid the use of chemical hair products, perfumes, deodorants and other similar products. If you are unable to meet this condition, for my health reasons I am unable to offer an in-person session.

I do offer payment plans and many services to honour each persons unique abundance flow. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss a different arrangement than what is available through my website.

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