Grandmother Wisdom Online circle.

This Online circle is for any woman who is feeling called to explore and anchor in more deeply to her own Crone and Sacred Grandmother Wisdom.
At this time on Earth we are moving through some big shifts and it is time for the Ancient Grandmother Wisdom to be reanchored and acitvated on the planet once again. 
This is not about being a Grandmother or Crone in your life at this time but about embodying the archetype of the Ancient Grandmother Wisdom and is not about age or circumstances.
If you are feeling the call of this then you are welcome to join this Wisdom circle.
This Online circle will be run within this Ancient Wisdom and flow freely as it is called. With this there will be not set structure so as to allow the fullness of the Grandmother Wisdom to anchor and intergrate fully.
As you commit to this circle you might find that you will experience activations starting. This can be part of the process of this type of anchoring and deep work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or post in the forum.
I look forward to connecting with you and anchoring Your Grandmother Wisdom more deeply into your life.
Much love and Barefoot Magick Blessings.
Michelle xxxxxxxxx