The Sacred Women's Wisdom circle is an online space - a sacred womb space - created to support you to live aligned with your own truth and power and expansion.




This is an exciting oportunity to access Michelle's Barefoot Magick in a way that is easy for you to work with and to support yourself in creating an amazing and magickal life.


This group Soul coaching is for you if you are desiring support in living an expanded, magickal and sacred life. For the empowered woman who wants to deepen her connection with herself and all of life.


It is full of courses, workshops, weekly wisdom and healing along with 3 x month webinars and 6 private sessions over the year, to support you on your journey.


This sacred space is constantly being expanded and flowing with creative and healing energy to support you through divine love and wisdom.



Payment plans are available .

For more details contact Michelle.