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Soul Doula Mentoring.

Connect with your Truth, 

Power and Magick.

See below for payment options.

Soul Doula mentoring is an offering to those who are desiring to deepen into their own Truth, Power and Magick. Its a deep immersion into your own Soul and a pathway to activate and anchor your Soul light into this time and onto the Earth at this time. An offering to deepen into life itself. To remember the Truth of your own Soul essence. 


There are times when we need a guide to walk with us, to journey with us as we navigate through our own layers, through our own desires, dreams and visions so we can connect more deeply to our own magnificence. 


This program offers weekly 1 on 1 sessions, unlimited message/email support and all other courses and workshops offered during the year.


It offers you my Barefoot Magick Weaving to weave new pathways within you and within your life. It offers you deep connection, support and guidance to walk your unique path in life. You get full access to all my wisdom and knowledge and my own Soul essence. 


If you feel called to journey with me, if your Soul dances with pleasure and desire for this, please contact me here so we can have a chat and see if we can weave a whole lot of magick together. 


Michelle xxxxxxx

12 month Individual mentoring.

Full Payment Option

(1 x $4750.00)

Monthly Payment Option

(12 x $399.00)

Fortnightly Payment Option

(26 x $185.00)

6 month Individual mentoring.

Full Payment Option

(1 x $2250.00)

Monthly Payment Option

(6 x $399.00)

Weekly Payment Option

(26 x $95.00)