Leaning into our receiving.

Wow what a start to the year it has been. We have been experiencing wave after wave of energy upgrades over the past month. Its been wonderful and overwhelming and confusing and amazing all at once. These waves of light and energy that are flowing through us are supporting us to raise our frequency and create a new earth.

I feel like that is all that we seem to be experiencing lately :) more and more energy upgrades, more and more waves of light, which brings more and more unsettledness and unrest within our being as we integrate it all.

The divine feminine energy has been increasing and we have been integrating this energy for a while now, and now we are experiencing the divine masculine healing and integrating. This has brought with it a beautiful feeling of being deeply supported and provided for that I havent felt before.This is bringing about a beautiful union and harmony within us of our own divine masculine and feminine. It is also bringing about big changes for the men in our lives. This energy is supporting and giving them a little loving kick to step up and recognise and own their own divine magnificence. For some this can bring to the surface old wounds and old programs of failure and not being good enough. The wounding of the divine masculine was in relation to not being able to protect and provide and not being good enough, strong enough and powerful enough. This wounding has created lots of wounding around power, control, money, success and relationships.

As the divine masculine heals it is allowing the divine feminine to let go and allow the divine masculine to now hold her and support her in her fullness. There is a beautiful harmony that is experienced when our divine and masculine and divine feminine are wrapped in oneness and wholeness and in their own unique divine fullness supporting the other.

I know of many women who have been and who are still holding the vision and space of the healed divine masculine for the men in their lives to step into and now the men are and so manificently that it often takes my breath away when I get to be witness to its expression. There is this deep, passionate, sensual part of me that responds to this energy with all of my being. It is so beautiful to be experiencing it.

It is now the time that we will start experiencing where we can let go and let the divine masculine step into its fullness and greatness and we can allow ourselves to lean into receiving that fullness and greatness, whether that is within us or/and in our relationships.

I wanted to share some healing with you on leaning into your receiving, into your allowing and your softness and your power. As we move into this new year of new beginings we can lean into new ways of being and new levels of experiencing our own divinity.

So lets teach you the divine truth and understanding of your divine feminine and divine masculine. That you know the harmony, grace and ease of this union within you. That you know this on all levels of your being and through all times and dimensions.

That your divine masculine knows how to allow its divine purpose and power to flow and be expressed in ways that are perfect and right for you. That your divine feminine knows how to allow and be and receive and lean into its divine softness, strength and power.

Lets clear, dissolve and heal the deep, ancient, original wounds of the masculine and feminine. The separation that was created from this wounding. The confusion and distortions that came from this.

That we now know this cycle of separation and wounding as complete and finished on all levels of our being and through all times and dimensions.

And now bringing in divine compassion, love and gentle flowing energy to surround and support us with this healing.

That we feel and know our divine fullness, wholeness and greatness. That we know our divine magick and beauty and power. That we can see this in our lives and within each other.

And so it is!

It truly is a magickal time to be alive on the planet. We are shifting and moving and growing rapidly. There is so much expansion and so much that is wonderful and divine blossoming all around us, we just need to become aware of it and allow it in to our reality.

This week bring your awareness into the areas of your life where you can start to lean into your allowing and receiving. Where do you hold tight and control? Where do you stay strong to provide and protect? Where in your life can you explore into your magnetism, your ability to just be, allow and enjoy your softness, your beauty, your strength, your power, your gentleness?

Much love and abundant blessings

Michelle xxxxxxxxx

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