Lungs - breathing in all of life.

Our lungs are magnificent! And as I write this I am noticing myself beginning to breath faster and more shallow as I move through some reweaving as I share this with you today.

Our bodies are one of the powerful doorways into shifting not only our physical health and wellbeing but connect us to all areas of our lives. If we want more love in our lives, more money, more energy, more fun, we can work with our physical body and its amazing and powerful and intricate systems to bring about change in these areas for ourselves. Just as we can use our energy system as a doorway to change, so too can our physical body be of service in this way.

So back to our lungs, the organs in our body that support us in breathing in oxygen and life force and expelling carbon dioxide and other toxins from our body. They also store old emotion and tears that we have not shed. They represent our ability to receive and breath in all of life and breath out what is no longer aligned with our highest and best good.

Each organ and body system has its own energetic function as well as physical function and when in harmony and alignment all of the bodies systems flow in a beautiful symphony.

Take a moment to notice your own breath, are you breathing deeply and freely? or is it shallow and short? Do you have weakness, illness or discordance in your lungs? do you feel limited in your breath and how much you can breath in? Do you find it easy to let go of toxins, of toxic thoughts, feelings, emotions and situations?

Our lungs are a wonderful doorway into more freedom in our lives and being able to bring about transmutation of the old into the new. Breathing practices can help shift a relationship that is starting to feel stifling or a job where you are feeling limited and not appreciated. As you are creating new expansive breathing pathways in your body, you are creating these new expansive pathways in your life. If you are feeling a lack of energy and vitality, breathing deeper and more consciously can help to revitalize you and create a new expanded set point of your breathing. So often we have gotten used to and comfortable with our limited breathing practice that it becomes the normal and we don't often notice until we have health issues coming up to bring it to our awareness. This also represents how we have become comfortable in the limitations of our life too.

Many neck and shoulder tightness can be due to shallow breathing. Anxiety can be triggered and increased by shallow, fast breathing and learning how to breath deeply and calmly can help to switch off the fight or flight response in the body, creating calm and peace throughout the whole body.

The bodies systems and organs are not separate to each other but are intimately entwined and so creating space and peace in your breathing can bring space and calm into all areas of your body, including your muscles.

There are many forms of breathing practices that you can find with a quick search in google and many yoga practices include some form of breathing practice, all with amazing benefits. You can start with just bringing to your awareness your own breathing and practice breathing deeper and slower and calmer many times throughout your day. Set an alarm to remind you to connect in regularly during the day and after a few weeks you should notice a huge difference.

Take time each day to be grateful for your lungs, for all that they do for us. For the ability to breath in life giving oxygen and breathing out toxins. For the ability to create change and transmute all that is not in alignment in our life and bring in new life and like a fresh cleansing breeze, we can literally breath in new life.

Healing for your lungs-

Lets dissolve and remove all old ways of breathing in and out life that are limiting us. Lets dissolve all programs and patterns of limitation, restriction, anxiety, grief and fear of feeling and experiencing life fully and deeply.

Lets dissolve and remove all old emotions and experiences that are being held in our lungs.

That we now know how to easily and effortlessly breathe in the fullness of life, without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. That we know how to move through life feeling calm and peaceful within our being. That we know how to honour our emotional landscape fully and freely and allow our emotions to move through us freely without having to store them or suppress them.

That we know the divine truth and understanding of our lungs and their highest divine purpose in our lives. That we know how to easily and effortlessly expel all that is not in alignment with our divine truth and purpose and how to release toxins from our body easily and with grace.

That we know how to gracefully and with ease move out of our limitations and move into our own divine expansive and free divine self.

That we know this on all levels of our being and through all times and dimensions.

And so it is!

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