Working with plant medicine.

Working with plant medicine is a magickal and powerful journey. I have found myself naturally working with the plant kingdom in a deeper way over the past year as I have been healing.

There are many ways that we can work and heal with plant medicine and I have found on my own healing journey that how I work with a plant depends on what my body needs at the time.

Essential oils, flower essences, homeopathy, herbal remedies smudging and also as food, are wonderful ways of working with the plant kingdom and many times in combination is wonderful.

In my healing journey I found that many times the strength of the essential oil or herbal remedy or even in food form was too strong for my delicate system and so I noticed my intuitive self working with the energy of the plant itself. This also allowed me to work with plants that I didn't always have on hand. Of course I found that many of the plants and trees in my own backyard were exactly what I needed :) I love how the universe works like that!

Working with the energy of a plant allows you to build a deep and honouring relationship with each plant. This is the same when you are planting and growing plants and veggies in your own garden. It also allows you to work easily with different aspects and parts of the plant in a safe and beautiful way. There is a beautiful giving and receiving exchange that develops with your working relationship.

If we take for example the beautiful rose. Working with the energy of rose is so beautiful. We can work with the overall essence of the whole plant, or we can work with just the energy of the flower. The rose flower is normally a beautiful amazing colour, has a delightful scent and is velvety and soft to touch. It enhances and delights our senses, reminding us of beauty and love in our life. Working with the thorns of the rose bush, we can bring in the energy of protection, work with areas where we are giving away and sharing our greatest gifts with the world (our rose flower) without any boundaries allowing our gifts to be squashed, broken and used. We can also use the rose thorn medicine to help clear and dissolve all thorns we have experienced in our relationships especially in our romantic ones. We can get better at owning our defensive mechanisms and ways of protecting ourselves, refining them so that they are serving us for our divine good, rather than scratching and pricking anyone who comes too close. We can work with the seasonal nature of the rose bush, how it loses its leaves in winter and also how robust the rose can be. It can flourish in harsh conditions bringing colour and beauty to the world around it. You can also work with its ability to be transplanted easily, allowing us to integrate the energy of change, of moving to the most perfect environment for us to flourish. Just like the rose bush we need a certain amount of sunshine and warmth to flower.

To work with a plant energetically, you do not need to have the actual plant near you although that can help. Just like when you are working with animal medicine or the crystal kingdom, you can call on the essence of each plant energetically, that you wish to work with.

As with working with any energy and essence, you must approach the plant with respect and with an openness to learn from the plant. It is a wonderous and powerful experience to have a plant share its wisdom and medicine with you and it should be treated with all the sacredness that it is! You should always respect if the plant does not wish to work with you. It may not be the right time for you or the plant.

To start working with plant medicine, become aware of the plants around you. Watch their growing cycles, how do they live in their environment? What environments do they like better? Get to know the plant, its name, its species, is it edible? Is it poisonous? does it flower? When? How do they like to be treated?

Start growing plants and herbs and veggies in your own garden, spending time caring for and building a relationship with the plants, trees, herbs and veggies. As you are preparing your food, notice the plant, the fruit, the vegetable, what do they taste like? How are they nourishing you?

Mostly have fun and enjoy the journey of working with plant medicine. Listen to your intuition and knowing and allow yourself to be guided by the plant kingdom.

Plant medicine is a powerful tool in our healing journey's and one that I am truly grateful for. We live in such an amazing world filled with so many beautiful and magnificent plants. :)

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