Our kidneys

Hello lovelies :)

This week I thought I would share about our kidneys. These amazing little and yet so powerful organs in our bodies do quite a lot for their little size.

Our kidneys not only process toxins out of our body and help to regulate the water content within our being, but they also help us to process our emotions through our being too. They have a deep connection to our anscestral lineage and when I work with someones kidney meridians and energy, much of the time it is releasing old, ancient pain, emotion, hurt and sadness. It seems that these emotions are the ones that we suppress the most although it is not uncommon to find people who suppress joy and happiness too.

Our kidneys are also the seat of our sexual energy and are thought to be where female ejaculation fluid is created. Much of the time if a woman has a shut down or diminshed sacral chakra and not connected fully to her divine sexual and sensual energy, she will use life force energy from the kidneys store of energy to live life and within sexual intimacy, but as her sexual energy is limited with her sacral chakra being shut down, she puts excess stress on her Adrenals(which sit just above the kidneys) and her thyroid to produce this life force energy to make up for the lack of flow of creative, sexual energy. This process slowly depletes her system untill she ends up with thyroid and adrenal fatigue.

Women's bodies are designed to work in a cycle, having time to be productive and time to be still. In our fast paced, linear and producitivity based society, we do not honour this about our bodies. This time for stillness is so important to the female body as it is this time that allows for her to regenerate her creative sexual energy, her divine life force. Pleasure, time for pleasure and the time to just be in beautiful flow are so important for the overall health and wellbeing of our bodies. It is no wonder that we have record levels of adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues ( the sacral chakra and throat chakra are intimately related) and hormonal imbalances. As women we should be living in harmony with our cycle not forcing ourselves to be productive and move when we are needing to be in stillness.

Our kidneys are yin in energy, which explains why it is so important for them, for us to live a cyclic lifestyle. They are connected with the element of water and the season of winter.

To Honour your kidneys health and wellbeing, drink plenty of as pure water as you can find, honour and respect and become aware of the toxins that you are bringing into your body and your environment that your kidneys have to work hard at filtering for you. Honour and respect your emotional life. Allow those emotions to be expressed and move through you, rather than suppressing and burying them. If you are doing any sort of healing make sure you are also clearing the elimination channels within the body, such as the kidneys to support your healing process. Honour your sexuality and sensuality! Focus on allowing and cultivating more pleasure within your life. Take time out each month to rest and be still. Yes each month! not just once a year on holiday ;)! Massage your breasts and nipples regularly to help stimulate your kidney energy. As kidneys are connected with the element of water, water is a wonderful way to help keep the clear and healthy. Drinking water, baths, swimming in the ocean, vibrational essence sprays and even just calling on the element of water and honouring this element in your life. Its no surprise then to find that foods such as watermelon are supportive for the kidneys.

Our kidneys can hold a lot of fear and resentment. It is important to find ways to let go of fear and find peace and calm in your life. This fear and resentment if not released can be passed down from generation to generation. Many of us today are still carrying the fear and survival experiences of our ancestors and relatives from the world wars.

I am including a healing below for the kidneys and to release the collective fear and survival programs from our kidneys. If you wish to receive just give your energetic permission and it will be so.

Lets dissolve and remove all fear, sadness, pain, horror, panic, anxiety, desperation, resentment from our kidneys. That we no longer need to be holding onto these experiences of war, faminine and depression.

We honour and thank all our ancestors and relatives for their contribution to the world, to surivial and with divine love release them from any contracts, chords, promises, vows and oaths to protect, serve and honour their country, god, and king.

Lets bring in divine healing, love and compassion to flow through and heal and balance our kidneys. To bring them into divine alignment with our highest and best good. That we know how to easily and effortlessly process and honour our emotions, our experiences and our divine sexual energy.

On all levels of our being and through all times and dimensions.

And so it is!

Blessings and enjoy your weekend.

Michelle xxxxxxx

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