Today's wisdom from the plants.

The plant kingdom and humanity are deeply connected. We breathe in the oxygen that they breathe out and they breathe in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. With all the destruction on our planet at this time, the plant kingdom are sharing their wisdom to support us in co-creating a world that is living in harmony with the planet and with ourselves. A truly abundant and thriving planet and people's.

This morning the plants were sharing their wisdom with me. They wanted to speak about abundance and lack and our farming practices.

When we clear big parts of the land to grow food crops in efficient big paddocks and lines of the one crop we are buying into a false sense of abundance. From the surface this looks like a good idea. More efficiency and ease then more can be grown and more harvested and therefore more money can be made. But this is not how nature works. She does not grow things in lines. If you look at natural bush land there is massive diversity. This diversity supports all life in that place, including humans.

When we farm in this more efficient, false sense of abundance way, the land itself, the soil becomes depleted and imbalanced, the soil becomes lacking. We then grow the food in this lack and then ingest this lack into our bodies which gives the message to our cells of lack and our bodies become lack and so then does every area of our lives.

When we honour diversity and farm and grow crops in the way mother nature herself does, we will lose that aspect of efficiency that is the illusion of abundance but what we gain is a true experience of abundance and wealth. The soil becomes nourished by the diversity of the plants, the waterways, the differing amounts of sunlight, wind and rain. The bacteria, organisms and small creatures also are nourished and supported in this environment. There is plenty of food for them to live their divine purpose and this then flows into the food we grow and then eat. The food itself becomes full of this nourishment, this diversity, this harmony and balance and this then becomes our cells and organs and then this becomes us and our lives.

Diversity breeds harmony! When we look at humanity and our society, we have been living in this illusion of abundance based on efficiency. We sit in rows in a school room, being conditioned to be part of the crop, all the same looking, feeling and desiring. Anybody who does not fit this 'crop' is seen as a weed and therefore needs to be removed or poisoned. We then become programmed to only see others that are the same, that are like us and like minded as 'right' and this breeds disharmony, competition, lack of self worth and a deep sense of lack. We see anything that is different as 'wrong' and as a weed that will destroy our 'crop', our sense of false abundance, safety and security.

What if we started truly honouring and creating diversity in our lives? What if we started honouring this diversity in our gardens, in our lives, in our work places, in our schools, in our communities, in our food supply?

The plants were showing me through this practice of farming through efficiency, that farmers have now found themselves with no support from the land, from the earth around them in times of flood and drought. There is no diversity that would nourish and support them through these less than ideal times. The land has been stripped and raped of all that it could give to us in times of crisis. But she has nothing left to give when we have taken all that she has. This is not just about the farmers, but we as consumers who are unconsciously making choices that support this way of farming and producing food. We are the ones creating this demand through our purchasing power. We want cheaper and more of it and always in stock food. We unconsciously go about buying food without thinking about how that food came to be available to us. We are unconsciously and happily eating food that is not full of abundance, nourishment and support and we then are unconsciously creating more lack in our lives, in our relationships, in our work places and in our homes and from this place of lack we then demand cheaper and more food to consume in more efficient ways.

We are not separate and disconnected. We are deeply connected to this planet and to the way we live on this planet. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves!

The plant kingdom have so much wisdom to share with us if we just take the time to listen.

And so it is!

Michelle xxxxxxx

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