We are not broken! We do not need fixing!

Hey guys :)

Since my time in hospital over 18 months ago,I have become super passionate about gentle and powerful healing for the body. My body and being are still healing from trauma caused by procedures and processes used while I was in hospital. 

Our bodies are so beautiful, powerful and wise and my journey of healing has been one of having to hold this vision while moving through a system and culture that does not recognise the depth of our sacredness. I found myself searching for and bringing into my life modalities and processes that honour my body and being at this deep sacred and connected level. It is what I have needed to heal. Our culture views illness and disease as the body being broken and in need of fixing and what I have come to know deeply is that my body is extremely wise and powerful and it is in need of deep loving support through a time of illness and disease to find its new place of center and balance, a new level of health and wellness that was previously outgrown.

I have created this new course to support you in finding your new level of health and wellness in a way that is in alignment with your truth. In a space of you not being broken, in a space of your body and soul being wise and powerful. Its a course to move you to a place of true empowerment around your body, your health and your wellbeing. If you feel this is for you check out the details here http://www.michelleeves.com/weavingwellnesswisdom-course I am looking forward to continuing creating a new paradigm around our health and wellness that is from a deep place of empowerment and connection with our own divine self. And so it is! 

Much love and blessings

Michelle xxxxx

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