Trauma and our body.

Our bodies are truly magnificent, powerful and wise. Many of us have grown up with trauma being stored within the muscles, cells and organs of our body. When we speak to trauma we generally think of it being big things, like physical and sexual abuse, serious accidents and life altering experiences. Over the years we have started to acknowlege emotional trauma and its ongoing affect on a person. But trauma is also those small, regular experiences where we did not or were not honouring of our innate bodies intelligence. Each time we were told by an authority to go against our body and its wisdom. Each time we were shut down in our expression or bullied, or teased or disrespected. If you went to school, you would have experienced many years of having to deny your own bodies functions such as needing to go to the toilet, to fit into anothers schedule. The shutting down of our natural interest and curiosity. The paradigm that someone in authority can tell you what to wear and how you can move and express your body and being. Most of family experiences included many patterns of not honouring and respecting anothers soveriegnity as our parents had lived and grown up with this paradigm of subtle abuse. All of this subtle trauma is stored deep in the body just as much as the 'big' traumas. When we are young we dont have the words or emotional intelligence to express the trauma, and often we dont always have a safe space to express the trauma and so we feel it in our bodies such as a clenched, upset stomach, tight shoulders and necks, sore throats, clenched vaginas, grinding and clenched jaws and many more ways that our body will try to express or alert us to the unexpressed trauma. It can be many years later when we finally feel safe enough that our soul will bring our awareness to these buried traumas. It might do this through illness, disease, relationship breakdown, loss and injury. I have noticed many people who begin a new exercise program will experience injury and illness a few weeks into their new program as the underlying trauma is being brought to the surface to be loved, witnessed, released and another aspect of ourselves restored and integrated back in to us. Each trauma is a little piece or aspect of ourself that has been locked away untill it is safe to come back. Conscious Body work is such an important aspect of any healing journey. Our western medical model does not recognise the deep connection between illness such as digestive issues and the underlying subtle or intense trauma felt and created 20, 30, 40 or more years before. When we dont address the underlying trauma we will never heal fully.

Bringing conscious awareness to our body and what is going on with it, is a powerful pathway to deeper levels of health and wellbeing and living a life that is delicious, vital, connected, full and magickal.

One simple way to work with unlocking the trauma in your body is take some quiet time and notice where you are holding any tension in your body. Place your hands on that area and just gently breathe into it untill you feel it relax and release. 

For a deeper process follow your inner guidance to find a modality and practitioner who can support you and your body.

Much love 

Michelle xxxxxx

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