When we dont bleed.

*Womb Wisdom* Working and coming into alignment with our womb wisdom and menstrual cycle is powerful. Much of what we are taught and what we absorb about this topic is from such deep disconnection and watered down patriachial notions. Our menstrual cycle is one powerful pathway to reconnecting with our body, our soul and our Divine Truth, Power and Magick. When we experience illness and disease one of the first indicators that our body is going into a healing journey, is the changes in our menstrual cycle and even the cessation of our bleeding time. So often this is framed as a bad thing, that our body is broken! But our bodies are not broken! They are so deeply wise! When we bleed during our menstrual cycle we are also releasing and letting go of our life force. This life force helps to carry with it all that we no longer need within us, all that we are letting go of and releasing is carried within our blood back out into the earth. When we do not bleed because of illness, disharmony and/or stress in the body, our body in all its wisdom is holding onto all lifeforce it can to help support us through the healing journey. Many of us are taught through the lense of being broken and therefore do not bring conscious awareness to our bodies wisdom and walk our healing journey from a place of empowerment, knowing that as we bring conscious awareness to our illness, trauma, pain and/or stress, our bleeding time will return to support us towards deeper health and wellbeing. Reclaiming our own inner womb wisdom and knowing brings us into deeper alignment with our bodies and what we need to come into fullness, into deeper health and wellbeing. And so it is! 

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