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- Earwig magick. A fearsome hunter who wanders at night. It is a powerful guide when journeying into the darkness. It is here that it is at home. Its large pincers are powerful and ready to bring down any threat. Know that you are protected as you journey with the earwig by your side. Bringing down what seems to be larger than us and more dangerous than what we feel equipped to deal with. -

I want to continue the conversation I started yesterday with a huge, vulnerable, divine rage filled share on my facebook pages. It is important with this #metoo campaign that we journey through the healing that is happening to shift our collective consciousness.

Yesterday afternoon after sharing in such a vulnerable way, I found myself questioning and second guessing myself. All of those uncomfortable thoughts of 'who I am I to speak up, what if I made others uncomfortable? what if I offended people? I am sure I have! what if I get verbally attacked ( again ), how do I now deal with the retaliation from the collective energy of the systems I pushed up against and called them out on their abusive foundations. And divinely, I lay there with all these thoughts moving through me and churning around in my feelings of being highly uncomfortable, in fact so much so that my physical body had shut down in panic mode and I was back in bed to honour my bodies process. As I lay there I was listening to a powerful conversation with the gorgeous Dr Saida Desilets, you can check out her work here http://saidadesilets.com/ In the conversation that was going on they were discussing how we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable for things to change. Friction causes movement. It has been in our complacency that we stay stuck. It is in our speaking up even when it is uncomfortable that helps to heal and bring in change. And this is so good to remember as we are going through this collective healing at the moment.

We are going to have some uncomfortable feelings around this. Not everyone is on the same page or at the same place or even willing to heal this collective wound. We are all in different places and this is such a powerful and yet sensitive topic. So lets get more comfortable with the uncomfortable. Lets give ourselves permission to speak up and make waves if its needed and lets give ourselves permission and honour that we are all in different places with different pathways to healing. Part of the power of abuse and why it can conitnue is that it relies on our silence. It relies on us being 'nice' and 'good' and I can see why there is a lot coming up in discussions around the 'new age' movement around this, as there is a tendancy to only be 'love and light and all things nice'. Many dont want to journey into the underworld, into our shadow, into the darkness. We have been taught that the dark is evil and bad and so with this powerful combination we have kept silent for too long.

There is a powerful connection between our sacral chakra and our throat chakra, if you shut down one, you affect the other one. This is why part of healing the abuse wound, we need to speak up, we need to express it. That doesnt mean you must express it on social media if that doesnt feel aligned with you. This is not about having to participate in this #metoo movement in ways that dont feel right for you. This is about you coming into rite relationship with your own self and speaking and sharing in a way that honours you and your path. This is about starting a conversation that brings this topic up from the darkness, the shadow and out into the light, out into where it is seen, the unseen is seen.

Lets also talk about and to the fact that this is not about women vs men. This is an inclusive process. Both men and women have experienced abuse and all of us have had times when we have dishonoured anothers soverienity and become the abuser. This conversation needs to continue into these areas too. That we need to realise that this is a collective wound, that it is a foundation that we have built much of our society and culture upon. It is so interwoven within the fabric of the way we do things and the ways in which we think and be in the world. But there is no change if we dont start to name it, if we dont start to say 'hey this is not ok!'

We also cant move forward if we are just going to continue abusing ourself and dishonouring our own truth to be 'nice' and 'kind'. I have found for myself it has been so easy to gloss over abuse, as a sensitve and healer I could see clearly the wounding that was causing the person to be abusive and so would allow it to be, to not say anything and many of the times we blame ourselves, we feel like we are the insane in a sane world, when the truth is we are acutally the sane ones, in an unsane world that has been woven with the fabric of abuse. But in this process of being 'loving, kind and deeply understanding', I dishonour and abuse myself! Healing must start with ourselves. This is where we have the power. It is not outside of us, but within! When we are not honouring of our own divine soverienity, we cannot possibly honour that in another.

So as we journey through this process of collecitve healing, and we are going to see this is just the start of this type of collective shift, lets honour ourselves deeply, come into rite relationship with our own shadow, our own magnificence, our own Truth, Power and Magick.

I would also like to encourage you to seek support if you are finding that this process is too much and too triggering for you. Do not suffer in silence. ( another form of abuse) love and honour yourself deeply by seeking support from someone you trust and feel a connection with to help you move through and heal. Journeying through the underworld is not always an easy, light one. But it is the most powerful journey of transformation.

Much love

Michelle xxxxxxxxx

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