A desire to embody more simplicity.

I had a huge reminder today that I have been on a journey of simplifying and deeply connecting to all of my life. 

We were looking into purchasing some more technology. My laptop is very big and getting old in technology age and I am looking forward to replacing it in the future with a smaller and more capable model and we had an opportunity to get a tablet that would suit for a while, smaller, more convenient but does not have the full capabilities of my laptop. 

This Christmas I have been intending to create the least amount of packaging and plastic that we can and so have been focusing on doing Christmas more simply. So it doesnt suprise me that we were finding speed bumps in the purchase of a new tablet. 

It is not in alignment with my highest truth at this time of simplifying and connecting more deeply. 

And its not about the actual tablet, at another time or for someone else it just might be for their highest path! But for me at this time it would be just adding another piece of technology to our already full house! More stuff does not always equate to more connection, more happiness or more peace.

Of course the universe speaks loudly and clearly when we are ready to listen and today I was reading a magazine full of articles about simplifying. Well played universe! Well played! 

I have been getting stirred up all in my head about not having a dedicated work space and healing room for my clients. The house we are living in just doesnt have a space for that and when we were looking for a new house I didnt know if I would ever work again so it wasnt on the priority list. I can see clearly how this home is aligned with my theme of simplifying! It is simple, abundant and beautiful. 

So with my office space dilemma, I keep coming back to this place of simplicity. Allowing my space and my life to be just what it is in this moment.

The idea that my work, me, my family, my home are all connected. They are not separate compartments that are meant to be kept separate! This theme of simplicity and deep connection is flowing into reconnecting all areas of my life and all parts of myself. 

Sometimes the best weaving of Barefoot Magick happens in those real life moments of simplicity and deep connection. 

The old ways of what work, business and professionalism look like are collapsing. The old ways of separation and disconnection are being dissolved and we are remembering, reconnecting and creating new ways and new paradigms. 

I love this! I am loving my own journey into deepening simplicity and connection. 

I am looking forward to a simple, beautiful and connected Christmas and New year. Focusing on simple pleasures and taking time to be truly present in each moment. A deep slowing down! 


And so it is!

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