🕸🕸Weaving Barefoot Magick🕸🕸

These words are infused with healing and activation energies. As you read them you will receive as is divinely perfect for you, always honouring of your divine soveriegnity.


So much ancient Magick is pouring through today. Reawakening and deep remembering. Ancient pathways, Ancient wisdoms all being woven into the new. Deep Dragon Magick! Know your Power, your Truth and your Magick. Feel it awaken new and ancient pathways within you. And so it is! 

We are being taken deep into our ancestral lines, releasing, cleansing and reclaiming. Its a huge time of activations, upgrades, quantum leaps, manifesting and stepping more fully into our divinity and our power. We are remembering that we are divine creators. 

If you feel called to activate and reconnect more deeply to your own divine Truth, Power and Magick or to create deeper levels of wellness, health, passion and purpose, head over to www.michelleeves.com/book-online 

And book your session online. #weavingbarefootmagick #weavingwellnesswisdom #grandmothermagick #soultruths #wisewoman #medicinewoman #spidermedicine #wombwisdom #witch #dragonmagick #ancientandnew 


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