Reclaiming another aspect of myself.

(Goddess Of Death by XxxHidanaxxX on DeviantArt) 

This morning as I lay in bed I was guided to journey and reclaim an aspect of myself that had been lost.

I knew this aspect had something to do with my power and strength and helping to bring that back into my physical body. But she was not what I expected! 

I was imediately taken to a place that was all white, void of everything. It was a place of nothingness. Not even the darkness of the creative void could be found here. It was a place of nowhere. 

I see me. I am frail, a skeleton with skin on. I am death. I am weak. I gently and lovingly pick this aspect of me up, holding her gently and safely in my arms as I carry her back to my sacred space and bring her back to me. 

As I integrate and welcome her back, I become aware of her truth. She is strength and power! It is her divine strength and power that allows her to embody death. To hold that energy within her. To be that! 

I can see how I separated this part of me a few years ago and maybe many times before. I was not in place to embrace and embody her wisdom. I was at the time choosing between life and death and I chose life. But she with all her strength and power held death for me. So that all that needed to die in my life could, without my physical body having to die. 

So often we see power within the distorted view we have been programmed to see. We see strength as a distorted paradigm. We see weakness, frailty and death as a bad/negative thing and the opposite of life, of vitality and beauty. 

It is not! 

Life and death are intimately woven together from the same thread. We cannot separate them! We can not have one without the other. 

We are both life and death existing at the same time. 

We have millions of cells within our bodies dying as new ones are being created.

As what is no longer serves us in our life is dying off, new beginnings are being created. 

We live in a culture that only honours the illusions of strength and power and in this we miss the beauty and divine power of death. We see death through a lense of weakness, suffering and 'if only we had been better, done more, be more' we could have saved ourselves or our loved ones! 

But Death is Life and Life is Death! 

In this we are always enough! In this we are divine, powerful, strong, gentle, weak, beautiful, courageous, vital, magnificent, whole and Magick! 

And so it is!

(These words are woven with Barefoot Magick. They may heal and activate as you read them always honouring your own soveriegn Truth.)

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