Weaving Barefoot Magick - healing religious and spiritual wounds.

This is todays healing blog.

After I completed this healing this morning I have had a lot of resistance from the collective surfacing. Many of us are still holding onto and carrying programs of fear, that we cant let go of a singular focus and the idea that our way is the only and right way and that we need to make others wrong to justify and prove our way or convert others to our way of thinking to make us feel approved of and vailidated.

Many are finding it difficult to let go of these deeply held and practiced programs as we have felt like they are keeping us safe, protected and powerful. But what if we did all just accept each others truth? What if we accepted each others personal pathway to their own source, their own Truth, Power and Magick? Sometimes we feel that by accepting anothers truth that we have to take it on for ourselves. But we can accept and also hold our own truth clearly.

I also found after the healing that there were many parts of my own self that were integrating. My ancient shamanic aspect, my celtic witch, my past life christian and my this incarnation catholic upbringing and my new age aspects and my scientific mind. All of them coming into relationship with each other, bringing me to a new level of wholeness. It is in our communing with and coming into a deeper relationship with all of our seemingly different aspects that we find ourselves flowing with a deeper knowing and a deeper sense of peace. And from this place we can come into deeper relationships with all those around us.

Today its coming up very strongly within me some very deep healing and integration. Many of us carry ancient wounding from our spiritual and religious experiences. Many older and ancient cultures lived life deeply woven with their spiritual beliefs, paradigms and practices. We then saw the shift from multiple gods, goddeses and earth worship (polytheism) to singular God worship (monotheism) and then we are now living in our scientific based culture and all the shifts have created more levels of separation from our own divine truth. Each shift has caused and created trauma in its rising as it seeks to destroy and erradicate the previous paradigm. And many wars have been created and fought in the name of the dominant rising paradigm.

This healing is to release and heal all of the accumulated trauma, pain and separation we are carrying in our DNA and through our past lives from these paradigm shifts throughout the worlds history. And to heal the whole paradigm of separation and that one way is the only way and the judgement and idea that for our way to be right and valuable all other paths are not. Within myself I was raised Catholic and over my adult years have remembered and reconnected to many of my pagan and earth centred practices. I can feel a reconciliation happening within me to honour all that I am and all that I have been. To reconnect to all of me rather than keep myself in separation.

These words are infused with the healing energy and so as you read them, if you wish to receive the healing just intend for it to be and it will be so.

Lets dissolve and release all trauma, pain, suffering and separation caused by religious and spiritual and sciencism beliefs.

Lets dissolve the paradigm of separation, exclusion and segregation that have been carried and woven into all the different belief systems.

Lets remove and dissolve the separation within our own being.

Lets remove and dissolve all pathways and paradigms, programs, patterns, illusions, distortions, vows, contracts, promises, hooks and implants, ways of being, chords and attachments of making others wrong to make ourselves or our choice of beliefs right.

Lets download the divine truth and understanding of inclusion, connection and our own deep connection to our own spirit. That we know ourselves as safe and free to live our own divine truth and connection. That we know and recognise the divine pathways to reconnecting with our own truth. That we honour and respect our own truth and light and others truth and light.

Lets reconnect to our divine wholeness. That we know what that looks like and feels like. That as we recognise and come into deep relationship with our own truth and divinity that we also can recognise others truth and divinity.

On all levels of our being, through all times, dimensions, realms and realities. Now just de-weaving and disconnecting all religions, spiritual paths and science from the old matrix and opening new pathways of deep connection and divine love.

And so it is!

Michelle xxxxxxx

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