Healing reflections.

This week has been a deeply transformational one. I am still yet to fully feel like I have 'got it' or even know what is transformed.

I have been working with healing some trauma in my neck from some medical procedures a few years ago. I dreamt that it was needing healing and that it was very sore, when I woke up I found that my neck was very sore. I was then guided to start using some essential oils to help support the process that my being and body had decided it was time to begin. (Sometimes wouldnt it be nice if our soul would just send us a little heads up memo! Hahaha) but the body and soul dont work quite that way and so the dream was my memo ;)

We store a lot of memories in our physical body. Each part of the body stores certain types or themes of memories and feelings. These are connected to the themes of the related chakra. The chakras can be a great map for supporting your healing process.

So with my neck healing many themes around my expression being restricted, denied, dishonoured, ignored and supressed have been coming to the surface. This is the awesome wisdom and intelligence of the body, that as you start healing the most recent trauma that it also makes any other buried traumas, pain or negative experiences, to also be available to be healed and released at the same time. This is where you will find layers of healing occuring. For me I find that this can sometimes feel like my whole foundation, paradigm is shifting as so many aspects are being addressed at once. And this is why sometimes a healing process can take a while to unravel as addressing toomany layers at once may just be too much at once. Each person has a unique pace to their healing and each healing process also has its own unique pace that is deeply honouring of your souls evolution. This is why we see some people heal instantly and others with the exact same diagnosis can take a longer more scenic route on their healing journey. Honouring pur unique way of moving through a healing journey actually helps us to move through it with more grace and ease, rather than spending a lot of focus and energy on trying to force something that is not our path or truth.

Healing from a critical illness and then also living and healing from chronic illness has taught me much wisdom and deeper insight into my own truth. It has been a powerful journey and one that I am getting more grateful for as time goes on!

I have learnt the deep wisdom of truly slowing down and coming into deeper connections with all aspects of myself, my loved ones and the world around me. Illness is a powerful invitation to connect so much deeper with your whole being, your body, mind and soul. It is always a transformation!

When I speak of healing I am talking about that deep transformation that occurs within your whole being, not just an absence or a lessening of symptoms. We live in a culture that does not seek or honour true healing. To often we are happy to just pop a pill and get on with our life. Like with my neck pain. I could have chosen to ignore the pain, or take a painkiller or anti-inflammatory but that only masks the pain and does not address the deeper healing process the body is trying to acheive. Allowing myself to come into a deeper relationship with my neck pain, allows me to move through a transformation and a deep healing of what has been stored within the layers of my body and energy bodies over my lifetime and even past lives and inherited from my ancestors. Taking some painkillers just would have added the the patterns of separation that created the pain and trauma in my neck in the first instant. Absence of symptoms or/and pain does not always equate to true healing.

Honour your bodies memo's! Take the invitation to go on a journey and an adventure with your body, mind and soul. You are so worth it!

And so it is!

Michelle xxxxxxx

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