🕸🕷Weaving Barefoot Magick🕷🕸 Dissolving and removing All programs, patterns, illusions, distortions, hooks, implants, ways of being, structures, systems, chords, attachments, contracts, vows and promises of seeking value and worth outside of ourselves. On all levels of our being and through all times dimensions, realms and realites NOW!

And now lets bring in the divine truth, understanding and how to live our lives and what it feels like to know that we are infinately, innately worthy and valuable through all levels of our being and through all times, dimensions realms and realities :) now! And so it is! 


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What do you truly desire?

The energies at the moment are supporting you to move into your highest truth at this time. It is asking you "Do you really desire and want this?" That business you have been running for years, or job

Dark Moon Musings.

Today was a shit day! I don't often experience shitty days - I am pretty much the glass is not only half full, it's full of the most delicious organic juice blend that will not only tantalize your mou

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