Visioning, creating and choosing. Are you creating the New Earth?

There is a lot of information and talk about the new earth and shifting to 5d. I myself have been feeling something huge coming, like I am just going to wake up morning and walk outside into a very different reality. Maybe it will happen like that, maybe it wont. I don’t know! 

Over the past month in particular I have become aware of all the ways, situations and systems that are using my energy to survive. And have found myself one by one dissolving and disconnecting my energy from these situations, people and systems. One of the places is facebook. I am finding it more and more difficult to be on social media and to keep using my energy, attention and money to support a system that does not truly honour people. That is not to say that there haven’t been many amazing and beautiful benefits to social media and all that goodness I would love to see in another platform that serves us from a higher purpose rather than disrespects and dishonours our sovereignty for its own survival.

What I realised again more deeply, is that my energy is powerful, creative and an overflowing of source, and that it is used by all these different systems, people and experiences to keep them surviving in the old earth energy. But until I decide to not invest my energy into these old earth paradigms , they will not collapse.

 So often we sit waiting around, praying, hoping and asking for things to change. We are all waiting for the powers that be, for God, for Source, for our guides and for the galactic teams to do it all for us, to shift us from the old to the new. But what if we need to do it? What if we took back our own divine power and recognised that we are pure creative divine source and that we need to stop using our energy to create and keep adding to the survival of systems, paradigms, organisations and relationships that do not serve us or honour us anymore. What if its just about us choosing, making one choice after another to only support that which serves our highest and best good in each moment. How much of our choosing in each moment is unconscious and we are not fully aware of what we are actually creating with the power of our choice, the power of our actions? 

So often in the spiritual arena, there is much focus on the spiritual energy, which good reason! But so often the basic physical action part gets overlooked! 

If you wrote down each day, each and every choice and action you made, what Earth would you be supporting the creation of? What reality are you creating? An old one or a new one? Or maybe still a bit of both?

As we move further into this year and with this recent new moon and the equinox, we are entering the new zodiac year. Its a wonderful time to focus on what we really and truly are creating with our power of choice and actions. Its a powerful time to become deeply aware of what your choices and actions in each moment are supporting. 

We have been doing so much work over the past years in the energy levels and spiritual realms to ascend, raise our frequency and awaken and move towards a 5d reality - Its time now to start anchoring in all that fantastic work into the physical. The idea is not to separate from our physical reality but to infuse it with the 5d energies. For us to come into a deeper connection and communion with all of our aspects, connecting body, mind and soul!

I feel so much newness on the horizon, many things that were started and not worked the first time or second time round, mostly because the world was not ready for the newness of it ;) not because the person creating was failing in any way, are now going to come back into being in a beautiful, profound and powerful way. 

What dreams have you been holding onto? What visions of the new earth have you been tending to and holding safe within you? Maybe, just maybe its time to pull them out, dust them off and see where they take you.

And so it is! Michelle Eves Weaver of Barefoot Magick.

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