Where are you holding yourself back?

The larger part of you is expansive, divine, flowful, powerful and full of your Magick. Where are you limiting the larger part of you to be expressed fully in your life? Are you holding back so as not to hurt others? Because you feel that you might inconvenience them? Or that you are just being too damn nice? It does not serve you to play small! You will block your own flow of life! Like my fairy in the pic above who has lost one of her wings, its now time to find ways to reattach our wings and trust ourselves to fly free in all our magnificence. To no longer hold ourselves down by playing small. If you are feeling any blocks in your life, use the energy flow at this time to identify where you are playing small in your life, the illusions and distortions you have invested in to keep yourself safe and contracted and the stories you are telling yourself! Its time to tell a new story, to grow new wings, to open and unveil those magnificent wings and fly so damn high you touch the divine light within your own self! And so it is! #weaverofbarefootmagick #weavingwellnesswisdom #grandmothermagick #truthpowermagick #soultruths #shaman #medicinewoman #wisewoman #witch #ancientandnew #newearth #fairymagick #Iloveher #shesme  

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