🕸🕸Weaving Barefoot Magick🕸🕸

I walk with beauty before me. I walk with beauty behind me. I walk with beauty below me. I walk with beauty above me. I walk with beauty all around me and within every part of my soul. (Earth Warriors oracle, Alana Fairchild) We are moving through some deep themes of separation over the past week or so. Releasing old patterns and ways of being and thinking that keep us separated from each other and from our own divine self. We are remembering and awakening to our deep knowing and experience of connection. True soul connection. I have found for me a strong desire for deeper and more true connection with loved ones. A desire to be in and with my 'tribe', my people and a place where I feel 'home'. Through this ascension journey we are remembering and coming 'home' to ourselves. It is in our own connection to our divine truth, power and magick, that we are able to invite and receive that deep connection with another. Release old thought patterns and programming that have you thinking you are separate, less than, more than, different, not accepted, too much, too little and find the beauty within your soul, the beauty that fills each moment, reminding you of your divinity, of the truth of who you are! And so it is! #weavingbarefootmagick #weavingwellnesswisdom #soultruths #shaman #medicinewoman #truthpowermagick #grandmothermagick #newearth #IAM #wisewoman #witch #ancientandnew #newearth  

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