Barefoot Magick Oils.

I am excited to share my newest offering. Sacred oils. Working deeply with Earth Medicine I can create an oil that will support your unique journey to deepening into your own Truth, power and Magick. Each oil is handcrafted just for you incorporating plants, flowers, herbs, earth, crystals and Barefoot Magick. I am loving working deeply with all the Earth medicine and weaving, creating and blending magick. I am also loving how powerful, simple and gentle journeying with an oil can be. You can work with the oil in a few different ways - 🕸 Using it in a bath or foot soak. 🕸 rubbing it on your body at specific points. 🕸 sitting with the oil in meditation/communion/ceremony/ritual. Each oil is a unique creation that can be crafted to support you in trtransformation, integration and a deepening into your own Magick. You can order your oil online through my website. Barefoot Magick Blessings. Michelle xxxxxxxx

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