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Updated: May 30, 2019

I have been diving deeply into a huge transformation and healing process and if you have been following on social media, we have also moved into a bus we are renovating to live in so we can live on the road fulltime ❤

We have been here in Perth now for about 9 months! Which is much longer than we had originally planned! but of course the universe has other more expansive plans than we could ever have thought up! I am loving the journey of being wherever we need to be to be in alignment with our highest paths and it is interesting to learn another level of trust, faith and patience! We have all been moving through so much growth and change over the past years and so much of it is so intense! Huge waves of light are entering the planet, our bodies and our Souls so consistently now and hopefully you are finding yourself navigating these much better.

I liken it to learning how to surf! To start with you get smashed around by the waves, you are learning how to read the ocean and learning the best timing and how to position and align yourself to be able to ride and flow with the wave. For a few years now we have been getting smashed about by these waves of light but hopefully now you are finding yourself being able to read the incoming energies and the ocean of the universe and your own Heart and position and align yourself to be able to fully embrace the power of each wave and find the exhilaration in riding it so magnificently!

I am intending on starting to share some of my practices, wisdom, insights and knowledge that I have been using to heal my body and live a deeply thriving life through some more regular emails. I hope and intend that they will support you in your own journey of living life more vibrantly and more fully! We have become so domesticated over the last few thousand years that we have forgotten that we are part of the Earth not separate beings who live on top of the land. This domestication has also disconnected us from living in a deep and full relationship with our own bodies and Souls.

These last few years of deep transformation are calling us back to our wild self, to our deep wisdom and to deep connection with the Earth and each other!



One of the practices that I love doing is body oiling. It is a powerful practice that brings you back into connection with your body, slows down your whole being and activates deeper levels of connection, wellness and beauty within you. I try and do this practice at least twice a week, sometimes every night if I can! I have turned it into a beautiful ritual that is a powerful way to end my day and prepare myself for deep sleep.

Most people don't spend much time naked or touching their own bodies and receiving touch that is loving. (become aware of all the touch you experience during a day and how much is loving, sensual, beautiful, and honoring and how much is painful, pulling on you, asking from you or even none at all!)

You can set up a sacred space for this ritual or just find a space that you can feel comfortable being naked and use towels to soak up any excess oil. I like to use hemp oil for this practice as it has so many good omega 3's, 6's and even 9's, and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals and my body seems to resonate with this oil. I also sometimes infuse my oil with beautiful plant medicine such as rose petals, rosemary, sage, lavender, chamomile or calendula.

Find an oil that you resonate with and feels good on your body. Oils such as coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil or Almond oil, or even mix up a blend that excites you! Only use organic oils as we are using this on our skin and it is very quickly absorbed into the body and you don't want to add toxins into the body during such a beautiful honouring practice. Then warm the oil and the space in which you are going to be doing this practice. I just warm the oil for a little in my hands as I am using it, but feel free to warm a small bowl or jar if you wish.

Sometimes I like to set up my space with candles, incense and my journal and spend sometime preparing my body and soul for this practice. But it is not necessary and on days where I have been in deep fatigue I do a basic body oiling practice in my bed as I lay there, just to get the oil nourishing my nervous system. Honour yourself and where you are at and do what works for you!

Then start with your hands or feet and slowly, with awareness and loving intention start to massage in the oil into your body. I like to connect with each part of my body that I am massaging. Just checking in with it and seeing how it is and noticing any areas that feel numb or disconnected and just massaging in a way that feels pleasurable to my body. Our skin is our biggest erotic and sensual organ and loving touch releases some amazing hormones within our body that calm our central nervous system, switch on healing processes and put us into a state of grace and ease. The oil itself nourishes our nervous system deeply creating a sense of wellbeing in the body.

For women, make sure you also massage your breasts during this process. There are so many Lymph nodes around this area and also breast massage activates our heart chakra and allows us to be open to higher levels of love flowing to us and through us. The massage itself helps with Lymphatic flow and the clearing of toxins out of the body. It supports your body to feel nourished and calm and brings down the stress hormone levels in our body and prepares the body for deep rest. Take notice of what areas you are comfortable massaging and what areas you aren't.

We are so conditioned to feel shame about our bodies that we can carry this shame around without even realising it. This is a great practice for slowly releasing those stuck areas of shame that are being held in the body and learning and remembering how beautiful we truly are!

Each time I do this practice I notice new levels of love for myself opening up and new insights about my body, my health and my life. When you feel like you are complete you can towel of excess oil and enjoy the feelings of calm and bliss in your body as you go into your evening.

I hope you enjoy adding this practice to your week and I look forward to hearing how its working for you 😍😍

Sending you much love and Blessings till next time ❤❤❤

Michelle xxxxxx

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