Creating money flow when living within dis-ability.

Hello lovelies 😍

I want to share some thoughts about creating money flow and living into abundance while also experiencing dis-ability.

We live within a very ableist society that is oriented towards exclusivity rather than inclusivity.

Dis-ability is a deep dive into experiencing limitation and constriction (which is a divine paradox pathway to expansion).

From this place its very easy to experience lack and limitation in your money flow. Limited energy = limited ability to work.

The constant messages and programming from society is that because you are not able -bodied, you are therefore not productive. If you are not productive then you are not valuable!

Its not easy to navigate dis-ability with these constant messages, structures and systems with this programming that you come up against.

Its exhausting trying to constantly prove your worth and value to a system that refuses to see anything different!

So I don't! I step out of as many systems as I can. (Sometimes ots not always possible all the time.) I am not interested in convincing the medical system or the government or centrelink of my worth. They will never be able to see my value and worth from within systems that are built from lack and limitation. They cant even see their own true value and worth.

In my journey over the past 5 years I have had to sometimes accept the limited support of these systems and it isn't easy to remain open and in a state of abundance and knowing your own value while living within them.

In my journey, Chris has had to look at a future of never being able to work full-time again while still needing to be my carer. His carer capacity and role is not valued or seen as important. All that is seen is his diminished capacity to work and be productive full-time.

I have also had to look towards a future of diminished ability to work, along with a diminished ability to live life, to do basic self care and movement. (dis-ability. )

(I am always on an upward trend of healing so I am hopeful for the future. )

This experience has brought in a lot of insights into our ableist world and how we see value and worth.

We have consciously chosen over and over to live into abundance. To live into beauty, love, connection, magick. To let go of the old programs of limitation and lean into what is possible! (Its what helped birth #magickandmarathons and #buslife)

And what we have found is that there is so much possibility! So much expansion, flow and abundance available within and without us!

I have found my limited physical conditions have encouraged and supported inner expansion and growth.

I have had to become more creative, more patient, more self honouring, more connected to my own inner abundance and experience my value and worth from within. To truly embody it.

I found myself over the years having to let go of the idea of a "six figure business", of a huge social media platform, of a business model that exudes professionalism, efficiency and productivity and replace all of it with my own Magick and flow. Recognising I am already of high value and worth. Money is the beautiful flow of exchange, not a way to define my worth.

Being able-bodied is not a way to define value and worth. Its just one of the ways people are and there are so many more!

My experience of being dis-abled is allowing, encouraging and activating within me more expansive pathways of abundance, freedom, power, magick and love.

It is supporting me to anchor and weave in on the planet and in the collective beautiful abundant diversity of value and worth.

And money flows to and through us always.

Experiencing and embodying this is the gift within the paradox of dis-ability.

Creating new pathways of abundance is always available to us! Calling in money is always available to us! Choosing to lean into our own magick is always available to us!

And so it is!

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