Dream, vision, weave.

For the past 5 years I have been healing and living with chronic illness. Most of my days have been spent in bed or on the couch. I grieve the life I used to have. I grieve the Mum and Nanna I used and dreamed to be. I grieve the wife/partner I used to be. I grieve the things I used to be able to do and the social life I used to have. I grieve for the wellness and vitality I used to have. I grieve. I love. I dream. I weave. I vision. I now value deeply when I get to walk, swim, dance, play. I value my body and all her beautiful, diverse expressions. I am learning to live more slowly and through that so much more deeply. I am living with more intimacy with myself and those I love. I paint more. I draw more. I write more. I play music more. I create more. I weave more. I notice more. I connect more. I dream more. I have more time to vision big and weave deeply. I live in a paradox of more contraction and limitation on one level, but massive expansion and flow in other levels. I see how many generations before me had no time for their dreaming, their weaving, their visioning. They were deep in survival and they had no space for the soul weaving, for dreaming their desires into being. As a culture we have forgotten the importance of taking time to vision, dream, weave. To remember the past and the future. To deeply connect. And now our bodies are remembering this ancient wisdom and so I weave ever more deeply into the void, into life itself, into the all. To all of you who are also journeying through this deep remembering, I honour you and your path of deep connection and truth. And so it is!

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