Full Moon in Cancer with lunar Eclipse - Healing.

Many of us were born to Mothers who were not supported to expand within their own being to welcome us into this world.

Colonialism and Patriachy have created a paradigm in which separation, shut down, over powering, conquering and control are the dominate energies and themes.

This creates birthing a child as something we need to conquer, to fight through the experience, for our babies to fight for life!

Many are born within contraction, shame, pain, efficiency, numbness and in sterile environments that do not support or allow for deep, open, loving welcoming of this new life to our planet!

Many of us mothers have never understood the deep expansion and allowing that we need to embody for the universe to make space and expand to fit this new life in. We are the universe!

We instead find ourselves staying shut down, restricted and contracted and not knowing how to honour our own expansion and majesty.

This has created a deep wound within the collective. To try and make up for this deep wounding of not feeling welcomed and accepted into the world, into the universe, like we don't fit and don't belong, we go out into the world forcing our will, Pushing through, trying to make others accept us, trying to make ourselves fit. We can see this in the collective themes of war, invasion, over powering others and control, of judgement and forcing.

This healing is for this deep wounding. To remember and know what it feels like to be welcomed! To experience the universe opening, allowing and honouring our very existing!

This is also for all mothers who have forgotten their divine feminine embodiment as the universe.

If you wish to receive this healing just intend your permission and it will be so!

Let's de-weave and dissolve all wounding, programs and patterns of experiencing not being honoured, accepted and welcomed fully by our mothers. Of our mothers being wounded themselves and not able to embody their own magnificence and majesty.

And let's weave new threads, pathways of Magick that each of us know and experience being deeply welcomed, honoured and accepted by the divine feminine, by our Mothers and by the cosmos itself. That we experience and know ourselves as belonging to the Earth. That we know ourselves as intimately part of and within the Earth. That we see and know the expansion of the cosmos because we are in it! Because we are birthed into it! Because we are!

That we know ourselves and our Mothers know themselves as deeply celebrated and honoured! That we know ourselves as celebrated for all that we are! That our fullness is welcomed fully and completely!

On all levels of our being and through all times, dimensions, realms and realities now!

And so it is!

Full moon blessings to you all!

Much love

Michelle xxxxxxxx

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