I sit today in deep soul pain. It hurts so deeply and its all encompassing. I sit here in the pain of feeling the depths at which we all go to to avoid intimacy! To stay in the comfort of our disconnection and dissasociation. We are a society full of traumatised people. To survive we have had to disassociate from our own selves, from our divine fullness and our aliveness.

We live in a culture that values this disconnection. Those that can move through this world with the least amount of stress, the least amount of emotion and the most efficient and productive lives are reverred and respected and modelled. And then there's the rest of us...those who have been trying to hold our hearts, our souls and our bodies together just to fit into this world, when every part of our being is screaming and crying and feeling and what looks like falling apart, breaking apart. Trying yet again to pull it together and get on with it all! Numb ourselves yet again with food, alcohol, medication, drugs and media.

But what if the falling apart, the breaking down is exactly what is needed?

To become deeply intimate with life itself is the andedote for a world that built its foundations on survival, trauma and disconnection. We are meant to feel deeply! It is in our disconnection that we can create and support products, businesses, organisations and systems that hurt our Earth, hurt ourselves and hurt our great grandchildren.

When we feel deeply, when we are in an intimate relationship with all of life we feel the pain and hurt that that product, business, organisation or system is creating. We feel it so deep in our bodies and souls that we cannot even contemplate supporting it.

Intimacy requires us to be vulnerable. It takes great courage to sit in our vulnerability and it takes great compassion and courage to be honoured with being present to anothers vulnerability.

So often in my work I see people who are searching for more of themselves, journeying into a deeper connection to themselves but this is only achieved through intimacy, through becomming intimate with themselves and every aspect of their life. To work with Earth medicine is to come into an intimate relationship with the as you journey deeper into your relationship with yourself. So often we are not ready for this. We do not want to move out of our disconnection as this is exactly what has kept us safe in a world so deeply embedded in trauma. We want to just take a pill, a drink, some refined sugar and get on with our life. We want a simple answer that doesn't ask us to be vulnerable, that doesn't ask us to go completely and fully into that place of furious breaking open.

In times of great breakdown, of such widespread disconnection and separation we are called to journey deeply into and through the fire. We are called to more furious dancing! We are called to feel more! We are called to be more! To honour more! To open more!

I see you! I see you falling apart and open! I see you feeling lost! I see you kissing your wounds. I see you transmuting your trauma! I see you finding your voice! I see you taking up space! I see your beauty, your Truth, your Power and your Magick, in all its fullness! I see you in your aloneness! I see you in your rage! I see you in your unsureness. I see you in your vulnerable scared place. I see you in your courage. I see you in your deep love. I see you in your disconnection. And I see you! I see you in your divine fullness!

And so it is!

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