Large Intestine medicine.

I have been journeying with the large Intestine over the past month and have been consistently nudged to offer a healing for this amazing organ in our bodies. When I do these healing's I recognize that there is a collective component to the healing along with a personal and individual experience too. Always weaving within the layers and levels of this magickal life.

Today as I sit here and write, my large intestine is making itself very known within my body! It is ready to speak and share its wisdom.

Our large intestine is connected to the element of Air and is the yang pathway in relationship with the yin Air pathway of our Lungs.

It is the place in which our body absorbs water out of what is left for excrement from our bodies. It helps to literally get rid of the shit from our bodies and is a major pathway of detoxification in the body.

It is also the organ where we hold masculine grief and where Men in general hold their grief. The feminine and women in general hold their grief in the Lungs.

So many people are deeply constipated and as a collective we have been holding on to so much pain and grief for eons that its no wonder that constipation and bowel issues are so prevalent in our society.

An imbalance in this organ can contribute to other illnesses and imbalance in the body such as type 2 diabetes, mental illnesses and many skin conditions. So many have become so accustomed to being blocked and sluggish in this area that we no longer remember what it feels like to be clear and flowing freely. This is a reflection of our collective state.

We have been living within such dense energies for so many generations that we have forgotten what true flow feels like. we hold onto emotions rather than allowing them to move us and move through us as they are designed to do.

We have been receiving so much beautiful high frequencies flowing through the planet and all of us over the past years and these high frequencies have been assisting us at clearing all of this density from our bodies and ancestral lines. It is now time for the large intestine to be cleared and freed up from all the old, ancient stuck pain and grief. It is time for us to let go and trust and move with new levels of flow in our bodies and in our lives and collectively.

So lets weave some Barefoot Magick healing now!

I have recorded the Healing in the video below.

Thankyou for receiving and honoring my sharing.

Barefoot Magick Blessings for a beautiful clear and activated fully large Intestine and new levels of divine flow in your life.


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