Let's Talk Drugs...

Since moving back here to Perth it is really obvious the huge drug problem they have here 😥 which is tied into some shitty collective energy here at the moment. So I wanted to share about entities, discordant energies and shitty spirits that feed off your energy and love love the discordant energy that you create and add to by taking drugs (legal and illegal) and drinking excessively.

Most people that drink and take drugs do so to numb themselves, to self medicate to try and cope with the disconnection they are feeling within themselves and the world around them. To numb the deep soul pain that comes from this disconnection. And much of the time they actually call in entities and discordant spirits as a way of protecting themselves and feeling a sense of power, even if its a false sense of power.

Many of the drugs (legal and illegal) open your energy field up, create tears and holes in your aura and create discordant energies within your chakras (That are already pretty fragile due to the suppressed and numbing of pain and trauma) The entities and discordant energies will sit in your energy field feeding off your energy, your fear, your pain and your own discordant energies. And they start to take over, making decisions and guiding your behaviour in favour of more trauma and pain, which sets off a cycle of you taking more drugs or/And drinking more to numb yourself from the pain.

So to shift out of this there are a few things to address:

  1. Clearing your energy field of all entities and discordant energies. And continuing to clear and cleanse it every day.

  2. Heal your auric field. This can be a process as its break down is intimately connected in with the separation, pain and trauma that you have experienced in the first place.

  3. Allow yourself to feel! Practice feeling in small ways and notice each time that you were ok and safe, even if it is uncomfortable and painful.

  4. Heal your trauma! Become aware of your patterns of denial and shut down that have kept you safe so far.

  5. Work with reconnecting to your own power. We only outsource our protection to others (including entities) when we don't feel strong enough and powerful enough to protect ourselves.

  6. Keep clearing your auric field cos those entities will try their best to stop you and distract you from healing.

  7. Dissolve any contracts you have created with the discordant spirits, the spirit of the drug and alcohol and entities.

  8. Become aware of why you are drinking and taking drugs, including prescription drugs.

  9. Be aware that all alcohol and all drugs, including legal and prescribed drugs have their own spirit/essence. Drugs are made into a synthetic product that has a discordant energy field, which influences and affects your energy field and each and every cell in your body.

  10. Practice honouring yourself as the sovereign, magnificent, sacred being that you are!

You got this!!!

Much Love and Blessings

Michelle xxxxxxxxxx

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