My Shamanic relationship with mould.

This morning I started the clean up of mould on our bamboo outdoor blinds and outdoor furniture. We have had many weeks of muggy, hot weather.

I made choices to only buy and use products such as timber and bamboo rather than plastic as it breaks down naturally and easily returns to nature.

But ohh the mould!

I have been on a journey the past 6 years or so with mould. It has shown up regularly in my life since getting sick. The medical system and natural health system, tells me that the mould is contributing to my illness. This created some big fear of it within me! The effects of mould toxicity are pretty nasty and can be chronic! No-one wants to live with more chronic illness and pain!

But even holding all that fear and taking extra care, mould keeps showing up every now and again in my life. 😉🙃

Over the past few years I have started to work with it shamanically. To come into a deeper relationship with the mould and its presence in my life.

Mould shows up when its time for things to start to be broken down, to be reclaimed by the wildness of life! In places where it is stagnant, dark and wet/moist. Its the places where our wild juiciness has become domesticated dampness!

Mould is a powerful teacher! It shows us just where we have been containing, suppressing and keeping our wildness hidden away in the dark! Where we have put our juicy passions away, stored in the dark beneath many layers of niceness!

It shows us where we have become stuck and stagnant in life, in our own magick!

Mould shows up to say its time for this niceness, this domesticated living, this survival/safety focus, this playing safe, this playing small, this allowing ourselves to be controlled, this limited version of ourselves, to be broken down, to be eaten, absorbed, recycled, returned to the darkness, the void!

And its time to reclaim your magnificence! To own and embody your deep wildness! To stop living by all the internalised rules you have got going on! To take up space! To create fully and freely! To honour your juicyness! Your desires! Your passions! To move! To open yourself to more of life, more sunlight, more fresh air, more dirt and soil, more nourishment, more nurturing, more pleasure, more challenge, more beauty, more pain, more love!

It takes great courage to live with your Heart and Soul fully and freely!

Mould is a powerful teacher of the depths of your power! The depths of your free flow. The depths of your wildness!

To treat mould toxicity in the body is to get increased flow happening in the body, saunas, red-light and oxygen therapy, sunlight and fresh air - all are about increasing your flow, your wildness, your connection with the Earth and your body.

And today as I expose my outdoor bamboo blinds to the sunlight and air...I honour and am grateful for mould and its wisdom!

And so it is!

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