Our reationship with toxicity and social media platforms.

This morning I was guided to look deeper into the toxicity I was still engaging with in my life. I have journeyed with this theme many times over the years. Many layers being seen and shed. Over the last few weeks or so there has been deep grief coming to the surface as I feel the deep shift away from more toxic relationship patterns and in that the realisation that some relationships are in the 'letting go' box! So this morning as I journeyed with this theme I was shown my relationship with platforms such as Instagram etc. I found myself finding all the ways in which social media enhances my life. The beautiful connections with others that I have through these platforms. The beautiful sharing of stories and wisdom and beauty that I am exposed to in those spaces. Over the years I regularly clean up my online space so that I am only engaging with those pages and people that I truly resonate with. But and this was the big BUT that spirit was bringing to my attention this morning...the pattern/program that I will accept a certain level of toxicity, I will accept an exchange with platforms, organisations and businesses that I truly do not agree or resonate with in exchange for the beautiful connections with others that I can find there.

How much of our lives do we sacrifice our soveriegnity and purity to access what we desire, want and need??? How much do we accept a business, organisation or platform in our lives even if its toxic to us and the Earth, just so we can get what we need or want? When did we learn that this was the way to navigate the world? When did we drop the value of our own purity and soveriegnity to accept less than we are worth?

Are these platforms worth it? What are we really exchanging? What would happen if we all deleted our Instagram and facebook accounts and moved to platforms that resonate more with us? These platforms, organisations, businesses and systems only stay functioning because we invest in them. It is our own essence and energy that is holding these platforms up. Those who create and own these platforms do not have the creative potency to grow and support their platforms, they need your energy investment to do so.

Over the past few years or so we (Chris and I) have made a conscious choice to support more local businesses that we resonate with and that also have values and vision to create a world that is honouring of the Earth and all who inhabit the Earth. There is magick created when you enter an exchange with someone or a business that holds this higher vision. It nourishes the Soul.

And this morning Spirit invited me to a deeper awareness of my relationship with Instagram. I closed my facebook a few years ago and to be honest I havent missed it! It seems it is not about my use of social media but that I am exchanging with those who own Instagram and their vision and values do not honour natural law and do not resonate with mine. They are toxic to me and to humanity and I have been trying to offset that truth by focusing on all the beautiful connections and relationships that I have made through the platform. But I no longer wish to poison those connections and relationships and myself with the toxicity that flows through the platform from its foundations.

There are many other platforms that have more clear foundations.

Its time to honour myself and ourselves ever more deeply. To know that We do not have to accept toxicity, abuse and being manipulated and used to find and access beautiful connections. We do not have to accept less than the purity and love that we are worth!

Here is a little Barefoot Magick Weaving if you would like to dissolve and clear the patterns and programs of accepting less than we are worth and accepting levels of toxicity and abuse to exist in this world.

I clear and dissolve all patterns, programs, imprints, chords, attachments and ways of being that have me accept toxicity, abuse, manipulation and control in exchange for my needs to be met. All the ways in which I have accepted less than my divine worth and value. Where I have accepted sacrificing my own purity and divinity.

And I now download the divine truth, understanding, what it feels like and looks like to experience support, to experience my needs being met fully and completely, to experience relationships that deeply honour my divine value and worth. That Honour my purity and the Natural law of the Earth on all levels of my being and through all times, dimensions, realms and realities now!

And so it is!

Much love and Barefoot Magick blessings.

Michelle xxxxxxxxxxx

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