Rewriting our story.

Living out on land amongst commercial growers I have heard the phrase 'competing for nutrients and water' alot! The growers around us poison their weeds because of this belief, this story. While here on this organic farm the weeds grow up happily with the fruit trees in a symbiotic relationship! Proof that the competition story is not how mother nature works.

I see this old story of competition and war play out in so many areas of our lives.

When scientists observe viruses moving into a cell, all they see is the movement, there is no evidence of the virus attacking the cell, just movement from outside the cell, to inside the cell. So how do we know that the cell didn't invite the virus in? Why have we over layed what we are seeing with a story of attack?

How many other experiences of life have we overlayed with these war programs, of attack and defend? Of lack?

There is a big story at the moment of a lack of food happening on the planet, just another big story of war and scarcity!

Is nature truly that scarce? Does she truly work to a system of limitation and scarcity?

My experience of nature is that its abundant and cooperative, supportive and regenerative! My experience of life is that it is all this! My experience of my own body is all this!

There are so many weeds that are edible and deeply nourishing, that grow abundantly and freely! It us humans that poison them and see them as less than and taking resources away from us.

A friend of mine planted a Bodhi tree in his yard, not long after the huge fig tree dropped one of his huge branches, a perfectly healthy tree just dropped a huge branch. This exact branch dropping has allowed a massive space to now become available for the Bodhi tree to grow into 😍 This was a beautiful example of trees cooperating and co-creating and honouring each other! A very different story to the one of war and scarcity 😉

Our bodies are a beautiful and magnificent ecosystem of their own, that then interweaves with all the other ecosystems on the planet.

How healthy and well can I

Our bodies be if we are holding beliefs of war and scarcity about our bodies and our individual ecosystem? We have set up so much of our relationship with our own body on a foundation of war and scarcity! We have set up our society and so many of our systems on these same war beliefs!

But what happens if we change the story? What happens if we shift our perspective to one of love? Of collaboration, co-creation and connection? What if our bodies are an ecosystem based on connection, support, regenerative and reciprocal exchanges? What if we view life through this lense of love, instead of war? How different would life be?

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