The land around here is dead. 😥

The area around where we are staying has been used as pastoral, farming and mining land for the past few hundred years.

The land around here is mostly now dead 😥 its hard to feel its pain.

This is not what it used to look like. It used to be a lightly wooded region with rich diversity and soils.

It used to have more rainfall and more predictable weather.

Colonialism is based in the energy of taking, of lack, of conquering for power. (All based in ancient trauma thats never been healed) and so we go around raping the Earth whereever we can. 😢

This land has been raped, used and abused. It has nothing left!

We need to start to seriously recognise that we are part of the land and that what we do to the land affects everything around, on and in it!

This land was never meant for the mass grazing of hoofed animals and monocroping!

It has created less and less rainfall (trees = rainfall) and weather extremes. (Trees, plants and animals = stability) We have done this! We created this! And then we blame it on something outside of ourselves. All is disconnection!

It also creates towns in the area to be slowly dying, not thriving! If we want thriving towns we need to start with thriving land in and around the town!

We need to come back home to ourselves and to the land we are living on. We need to honour the land, love it, nourish it and come back into connection with it.

This is part of the invitation to honour our First Nations peoples. To recognise and honour their deep connection to the land and their ancient wisdom they hold from many eons of listening to the land.

We need to explore and create new ways of living that do not include monocropping and mass grazing of animals. We need to interrupt the abuse cycle and disconnection to land that we have.

And the way to start is to listen! Listen more deeply and ask the land what it needs and then honour that!

And make small changes in your own life. Eat less meat, buy less wheat products, compost, learn about food forests, permaculture, biodynamic farming practices, learn about the Aboriginal culture and history of the land you live on, start in your own backyard, front yard, listen and act!

And so it is!

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