The Power of Ceremony

Ceremony is a powerful way of supporting ourselves through life. In our Western Society we still use ceremony such as weddings, funerals and birthdays. But we have forgotten the deep power available through ceremony to support all aspects of life.

For example Initiation ceremonies were performed when it was recognised that a person was preparing to go on a deep journey into the underworld, into the void, into the darkness and a ceremony was performed to open the pathway and drum the path through so that the persons soul, spirit and heart had a guide to walk with during the darkness. It ensured that the person not only moved through the challenging time with more grace but also showed them how to go deep into the initation and also held space for their return back into the light and into the present, reborn, anew and reclaimed!

We have no reference for this type of Initiation and journey within our Westernised Culture although there are some amazing beautiful people bringing these aspects back into our awareness and creating a remembering of this wisdom in our culture. Without this wisdom we get stuck and lost in these times of initiation. We often end up not moving through the initiation at all and staying stuck in a life we do not love anymore or we get stuck and lost in the darkness and spend years in the depths of despair and depression.

The power of Ceremony is to create and open the path for you to step onto and into. To honour the next expression of your magnificence and growth. For you to embody a deeper experience of your Truth, Power and Magick.

Ceremony can be simple, or elaborate, big, or little, done alone or with others. Each ceremony is unique and it is about your intention and the creation of your sacred pathways and honouring of your sacredness.

And so it is!

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