Upcoming Changes

I am changing up the way I do sessions and there are also some new offerings happening! Read more below...

Hello beautiful Souls!  I wanted to write and share with you some of the upcoming changes happening within my business and how I offer sessions. 

I will be leaving Perth very soon and travelling and living fulltime on the road for a while and I will be without consistent internet or phone. (which a part of me is very excited about the forced digital detox ;) yippeee! ) This means that I can no longer offer booked session times so things are a changing! 

Distant healing session changes. I will now be offering distant healing sessions that will be recorded and sent through via email once I am in internet range. These sessions are going to be in a different format to the past. I will be able to sit in ceremony on the land and bring through the connection with the place into each session. I am really looking forward to how these sessions will flow and create beautiful connection and healing for all those who book one.  I am also still healing through some cycles of deep fatigue due to illness. This means that I will only be able to offer about 6 - 9  healings sessions a month for now. I also am enjoying sinking into more #slowliving including how much work I offer.  After you purchase a session through my online store, you will receive an email to confirm your purchase and then I will receive the notification as soon as I am in internet range. I will then be moving through each healing as I am called to throughout the month. I will not be able to give a time as to when the healing will be done but am trusting that spirit will guide me to the perfect time for you to receive the healing. Once the healing is completed I will send through an email and video link for you to watch and receive the healing.


I have removed the session packages ( 3 and 6 sessions) and the booking pages from the website, as sessions will now be purchased individually and delivered as descibed above. Once I am fully booked each month each month the booking page will show "out of stock" or zero available items.

Each month (when guided to) when I renew the "stock" on the booking page I (or Chris will) send an email advising of this, and also a bit of an update. Chris will also be doing a lot more of the background work and may respond on my behalf to any enquiries.


New Online Intitations, Activations and courses.

I am also going to be offering in the near future a series of activations and initiation courses through the membership portal.

Each of them will have video and wiritten teachings and healings and sharing of wisdom. Feel free to check them out and email me if you have any questions. These courses will be offered in the ancient way of sharing and activating wisdom. Of walking the path together learning, sharing and growing. 

I look forward to sharing these offerings with you in the near future.

Check them out HERE


Social Media changes.

I have been guided to remove myself from the main social media platforms. Which has been an interesting process to do! Facebook was easy but Instagram is proving to be a little harder as I follow some amazing and beautiful people on there!  

I will be posting and sharing over in the forum through my membership portal on my website. (which you can find HERE.) 

Feel free to also connect with other site members on this platform if it calls to you.  Look for the "Weaving Barefoot Magick Forum" subject which is open to all site members.

This also means you may see more emails from me and Chris (who will be doing more of my background running of my business for me) to keep you updated with whats going on! 

There is also a mobile app made by the platform that host my website (Wix) that you can use on Apple or Android to interact and receive notifications when I or other people post in the portal. It works just like a social media platform, only no algorithms or advertising <3. Search "Wix" on your relevant mobile app store. If you need any assistance with getting used to the portal or mobile app, Chris will be more than happy to help, so please reach out!

If you would like to keep connected with our travels you can still find me over on Magick and Marathons on Instagram.


I am really looking forward to exploring and leaning into these new changes with my work format and the healings sessions. I am also really looking forward to be out travelling and connecting even more with this beautiful vast and amazing land we live within and with new and wonderful connections with people along the way.

I also wanted to deeply thank and honour all of the beautiful people who have supported me and my work so far. It truly is an honour when I get to be fully flowing with my gifts and that they serve you with such love! Thankyou deeply! 

Much love and Barefoot Magick Blessings! 

And see you somewhere on this beautiful planet! 

Michelle xxxxxx

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