Your sacred voice!

Your voice is sacred! Your voice is powerful. Your voice blesses, manifests, loves. Your voice expresses your truth, your essence and your Soul into the world. It weaves your unique Soul Magick. It speaks the new into existence! 🕸 Today as I sit in silence as I have lost my voice, I am reconciling, healing and remembering. I am forgiving myself for all the times I have turned in on myself because others have not recognised and understood my truth. Where I have doubted my own truth. Where I learnt to stay silent instead of using my voice. Where I have used my sacred voice to dishonour my own truth, power and Magick. Where I have allowed my voice to be treated as less than anothers. Where I have dishonoured the power of my silence. Where I have shared my sacred truth with those who are not ready to honour and see the sacred. 🕸 One of the first ways that colonialism gains control is to disconnect a group of people from their own unique language. Without their language, their voices are left to speak words that they do not recognise. Words that deny their own magnificence. Words that contain and support colonialism. These words then become lived reality. 🕸 Our voice is powerful. It can create or destroy. Our words are sacred and potent. Our voices speak our Souls truth. 🕸 In a world of colonial, capitalist and dictator censorship to honour the sacredness of our voice is the pathway to deeper love, connection and freedom. 🕸 I love you! 🕸 And so it is!

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