Group Distant Healing and Activation.

Group Distant Healing and Activation.


Group Distant healing and activations offered when divinely inspired and guided. You will receive the healing as you give permission and enter into the exchange.

If there is any channelled information that comes through you will be updated via email.

As this is a group healing there will be no specific information for each person but will be generalised. The healing itself will be specific to you and will come through honouring your highest and best good and in harmony with what is perfect and right for you at the time.

Some people can feel the healing energy move through them as tingling, warmth or cold energy. Some people just feel lighter and more centered. For some it can feel uncomfortable and unsettling untill the healing has supported you to move to a new level of balance and harmony within yourself.

Please drink plenty of water and honour yourself and listen to your own inner guidance to support yourself during these healings.

Much love and thankyou 

Michelle xxxxxxxxx


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