Michelle is a Shaman of the Ancient Wild ways and  a Weaver of  Barefoot Magick. 

With a unique blend of her healing gifts and connection to Spirit,  she Weaves her Barefoot Magick to bring you into alignment and balance with your own Soul's Truth, Power and Magick.

Hello and Welcome,

There are many ways in which you can connect and access my offerings. Please take a look around and find what would work for you at this time. I have created a few different pathways to suit different people at different times. If you are not sure what support would be suited for you or if you have any questions please feel free to email me and we can have a conversation about what your needs are and what would work best for you.

Please be aware when considering a healing with me that you are prepared to go to the deep and shadow sides of yourself as well as all the amazing and expansive aspects of yourself, the light and the dark.  Healing is never a linear journey. Your healing journey is unique to you and will always be in alignment and directed by your higher guidance.  When booking a healing with me please understand that you are making a commitment to your own healing journey. You are a being of sovereign power and I honour you as such. I request payment up front as I find myself holding space and preparing for your healing session as soon as you make the booking. I find this honours the exchange of energy and flow for me and for your healing session.

I do offer payment plans and many services to honour each persons unique abundance flow. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss a different arrangement than what is available through my website.

Click on the pictures below or head over to the shop or membership portal to access more information and also to book online for each service.

I look forward to connecting with you more.

Michelle xxxxxxxx

Weaving Barefoot Magick Healing session.
In this session we will weave Barefoot Magick together and dissolve old patterns and create new pathways within your being. To open new pathways in your life of divine health, wellbeing, love and abundance. Supporting you to connect deeply with your own divine truth, power and Magick..
These sessions are done via video and sent to you once they are complete. This allows me to offer sessions while on the road with intermittent internet coverage while also honouring the deeper flow and aspects of the healing and realigning that is coming through for you.
Initiation courses.
We are reclaiming and remembering the power and potency of intitiations.How they open the pathways to a deeper and fuller experience of life itself. Intitiations are the container that holds us and guides us as we journey deeper into our own magick.
These courses are available through the online membership portal.
Space, Home and Land cleansing and acitvation.

Cleansing and clearing your space of old energies and activating new pathways of expansion and connection to support you to honour your Truth, Power and Magick.

Oil image.jpg
Barefoot Magick Oil

Oils created to support your in activating and deepening into your Truth, Power and Magick.

Shamanic Mentoring

An exclusive mentoring program for those desiring to explore their Ancient Shamanic Wisdom.

Conscious Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring for conscious businesses that are here to create and anchor in new ways of business and connection. 

I work with many different tools and practices to support you in a session.
I listen to what your body and Soul are needing and use that as my guidance for the session. 
I use mainly energy work and practices.
Occasionly in an in person session I will do hands on energy healing when guided. 

I work with plant spirits, animal spirits, spirit guides, higher guides, your energy systems, the elements and Earth energies.
Medicine drum, rattle, shamanic journeying, smoke rituals, magick infused oils and candles.  
I work with ancestral lines, DNA layers and the physical body. 
Any of these tools and ways of working can be brought into a session as guided. 
My highest intention is to always honour your soveriegn self and highest path. 
Each session is to support you to access your own Truth, Power and Magick and live more fully into this! 
Most sessions are online either through recorded video or chat. This depends on where I am travelling at the time as I travel, live and work full-time on the road in our beautiful bus home. 

I make in person sessions available where possible. 

I am also healing/living with chronic illness and also deeply value slow living. This means that I only have a few sessions available through the week and may need to reschedule when my energy unexpectedly drops. This also means that communication can be slow and encourage people to use my website facilities and processes as much as possible as this frees up my energy to focus on doing the sessions. 

Each session is about an hour long. Some people find 1 session is enough. Others book a session just when they feel its needed and others enjoy more regular support sessions. I have found each person is different and how fast or slow they process is unique to them. There is no right or wrong just what works for you. 

I try to also support people by giving them tools to support themselves as needed and guided and encourage people to play around with this and explore tools, practices and processes that work for them.

What to expect in a session.