Weaving Wellness Wisdom

Online course

Join me in a 12 week journey of weaving deeply into our bodies and unlocking and reweaving infinite health and wellbeing within ourselves. 

This journey is designed to take you deep into your own health journey to unlock your buried and denied wellness wisdom. You have within you the wisdom and knowing to heal your body, mind and soul.

Each week will we journey together through many different healing modalities and wisdom. Learning how you can connect deeply to plant medicine, energy medicine, earth medicine and the wisdom within your own soul.

This program is for anyone with a chronic illness, depression, ongoing health issues and for those who would like to connect deeper into their healing wisdom.

I found during my own journey that I needed and desired deep support from a place of honouring and loving my body and knowing that it is designed to thrive and heal. I found this sort of support hard to find and not always financially viable while I was not working. Our health care system is built on the premise of survival and mediocrity. That we expect our bodies to be sick and we only live or can expect to live, at limited levels of wellness and this was far from my truth and how I choose to live my life. This has inspired me to create a new way of accessing support for those moving through a healing journey and so I have created a space where you will be able to access different levels of support for yourself.

I have a deep knowing and insight that true health and wellbeing are not separate from the rest of our lives and that in fact the quality of our connection to all areas of our self and our lives, plays a major role in our ongoing health and wellbeing and how we find ourselves moving back into a state of balance.

I want to share with you how to thrive and to see and use your illness and disease as the gateway to more divine health, well being and freedom.

You are worthy of magnificent health. You are worthy of living your most Magickal life. You are worthy of being you! 

This program will take you through changing your thoughts, your beliefs, your lifestyle, your choices and your patterns that are keeping you from living a life full of divine health.

Your body doesn't do anything by accident, your soul is incredibly wise and your bodies ability to heal is more magnificent and powerful than you know right now. 

Illness and disease are a very powerful and sacred journey to your own divine power and truth and a greater way of living your life.

The program includes weekly video teachings, a private facebook group to create a sacred online space and for you to create a tribe of healing support for yourself and two private sessions with Michelle in person or via skype, so that we can work deeply with your unique journey, worksheets and journal exercises to take you deeper into your own path.

If you would like to know more or are interested in signing up, please click below to book and register.