Wisdom of the Dark Goddess course

Journey with the Dark Goddesses into your own shadow. Into those hidden parts of ourselves to shift them from the dark to the light. To realise our own wholeness and power.

This course can and is designed to take you through a journey into your own shadow. Please be very gentle with yourself as you move through this course as it can bring up many things that we have been keeping buried deep within. I recommend letting a loved one or good friend know that you will be working through this course and allow yourself to be fully supported. I also recommend keeping a journal of your insights, experiences and feelings as you move through the course.

Please feel free to email me at michelle@michelleeves.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Enjoy your journey with the Dark Goddess and in reclaiming your power.

Welcome to the Wisdom of the Dark Goddess course. This course was created and facilitated intuitively as is all of my work. Co-creating with spirit. As you will be working with your shadow, you will need to support yourself in this process. Anytime we go into our shadow we can be connecting with deep parts of ourselves that we have buried and hidden for lifetimes and it can be overwhelming. Please feel free to contact me for support as you need it when working through this course. 

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